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Our Office

We are Associates in Health & Wellness; nurse practitioners (NPs) skilled in patient-provider communication and committed to quality health care. What makes us unique providers is our commitment to delivering individualized health care and health education to our patients.  

We pride ourselves in being highly accessible and communicate easily using most electronic formats, including email and text messaging. Enlist one of our nurse practitioners as your PCP with your medical insurer, today.

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Learn to save a life! Sign up for American Heart Association BLS, ACLS, and PALS Courses!   


Our Approach

Discover primary care providers (PCPs) that are affordable, understanding and truly caring.  The health care that we provide aligns with traditional medical guidelines combined with alternative approaches that are evidence based through ongoing research studies. A targeted and personalized approach to health care has been found to be much more sensible and effective in treating diseases of chronic illness. 

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Skincare & Supplements

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Our health care providers now offer medical aesthetics (including Botox injections and dermafillers), and ACLS/BLS (CPR) or PALS training. We also provide academic counseling/assistance and career mentoring for registered nurses (RN), nurse practitioners (NP) and or students. Contact us for more information. Students, join our upcoming discussions on clinical practice, health care policy and more! Read More

Why see an NP?

Our providers are knowledgeable advanced nurse practitioners (NPs). Studies have shown that Nurse Practitioners provide care that is comparable and as effective as physicians. NPs are key players in helping to reduce overall health care costs. Also, NPs are credentialed to practice in various specialty areas.

We feel that everyone is entitled to understanding their health and the options available to them in plain language. Of equal importance, navigating the health system shouldn't be a mystery; let us be your guide.  Our NPs have a robust referral system that includes other NPs specialists, medical specialist, physical therapists, social workers, surgeons and more.  

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